Staff Bio’s

Gary Payne, CEO Patriot Energy
Gary M. Payne began working in the oil fields of West Virginia at the age of eight, pumping oil wells equipped with standard rigs with  Mr. Burl Carnes who owned Clendenin, WV, based Rex Oil and Gas.  On weekends and during summer vacation.

While a Senior in high school he obtained a position with New York, NY based Sterling Drilling and Production company as a contract landman, acquiring leases for drilling of development oil and gas wells.

Mr. Payne graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in 1980 at the age of 15.He began acquiring leases for various local companies and was able to acquire his first oil and gas wells at the age of 16.  While a student at the University of Charlerston he continued to work as a an independent landman and operated newly drilled Devonian Shale gas wells for Tyler Texas based Delta Drilling, and Charleston WV based Union Gas Associates.

A downturn in the industry forced him to sell his holdings and obtain a position as Land Manager for Allegheny and Western Energy (A & W), a publicly held company with headquarters in New York, NY, who in addition to being very active in development of Devonian Shale gas wells was the parent company of Mountaineer Gas.  When A&W was sold to Eastern American Energy, he was forced to seek employment elsewhere.

Mr. Payne left West Virginia in pursuit of gainful employment, and was successful in obtaining several positions in Washington DC based paramagnet and temporary placement firms.  His close personal relationship with members of the extended family of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis enabled him to land major power clients in this industry, from members of the Kennedy family to multiple prestigious law firms, lobby groups and government agencies.

in 1997 Mr. Payne returned to West Virginia.  He obtained the position of Land Manager for a Spencer, WV based firm where in addition to operating the Land Department was directly responsible for raising several million dollars of drilling capital through private placement investments.  He also aided his parents, H.Cecil and Barbara Cook Payne with investing in this companys multiple drilling programs, which have proven to be excellent investments.

Mr. Payne formed Patriot Energy, Inc., in 2008 and began acquiring existing oil and gas wells.  in 2009 Patriot acquired the holdings of the former Jackson Pipeline Company.  While these wells has been abandoned for over twenty years, Mr. Payne, and his family were able to return them to a productive status.  These became the base for Patriot operations.  In 2009 He oversaw Patriots acquisition of a fifteen percent stake in Atlanta based Black Crow Oil.  Patriot has since sold these interests, but is now working closely with immediate family to acquire some of Black Crows first program, “Black Crow Project 1”, which includes eight wells drilled in 2009 and multiple old wells that have been reworked.

Since that time Mr. Payne has actively sought to acquire “distressed” properties.  Foreseeing a rise in the demand for oil, over the past four years he has focused on wells that are primarily productive of oil.  It was this foresight that has kept Patriot moving forward even in these tough economic times.

In addition to being the CEO of Patriot Energy, he also assists the owner of Union Gas Corporation with various projects.

In addition to his involvement in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Payne also partners with Patriot VP, Glendol Tallman, Jr., and his wife, Genette Petry Tallman in raising and marketing cattle.


Genette Tallman, VP Investor Relations
Manager Land and Production Disbursement

Mrs. Tallman is the wife of Glendol Tallman, Jr., who serves as Patriots VP Production and Environmental Services.  She has a great deal of experience in both mineral and surface title, preparation of legal documents and judiciary matters.  From 1999-2003 Mrs. Tallman served as Deputy Clerk for the Office of the Clerk of Roane County, West Virginia.  During her tenure with the Roane County Clerk she was directly responsible for the accurate recordation of all legal documents, including, but not limited to, oil and gas leases and assignments, deeds, and liens.  She also was in charge of the recording of wills and the probating of estates.  She also was responsible for the collection of information for the public, attorneys, and oil and gas companies.  In 2004 Mrs. Tallman accepted a position as Legal Assistant to Drew Patton, Attorney at Law.  During her tenure with the Patton Law Firm, Mrs. Tallman performed title examinations relative to surface and mineral rights in multiple counties in Central West Virginia.  She was also responsible for preparing various legal documents such as deeds, oil and gas leases and assignments, and liens.  She also assisted clients with all phases of estate matters and will probate.

In 2005 Mrs. Tallman began performing freelance title work for various oil and gas companies operating in the Appalachian Basin.  She continued this work until 2009 when she joined Patriots staff.  During her tenure with Patriot she has performed title work on thousands of acres in Kanawha and Roane Counties.

Mrs. Tallman has recently assumed duties relative to the disbursement of production revenues from Patriots existing oil and gas partnerships and handling all phases of investor relations.  Mrs. Tallman will now assume duties relative to dealing with those persons and broker-dealers involved in Patriot Energy’s upcoming drilling partnerships.


Glendol Tallman, Jr., VP Production, Drilling, and Environmental Services

Mr. Tallman has a long and varied career in the pipeline, oil and gas, and timber industries.  Like Patriots CEO, Gary M. Payne, his ancestors were heavily involved in the oil and gas industries.  Both of his grandfathers were drillers in the day of the “standard rig”.  Pete Tallman was a driller for the South Penn Natural Gas Company (Pennzoil), while his other grandfather, Grover McQuain drilled for South Penn and other local oil and gas companies.  His father Glendol Tallman, Sr., was employed by various pipeline companies that constructed major interstate natural gas transmission lines, and also worked in the coal industry.

Mr. Tallman began working on a pipeline job at the age of fifteen.  When he graduated from high school he continued to work in the pipeline industry, and worked his way into multiple supervisory positions.  He was an Environmental Compliance Supervisor for fifteen years, working for major pipeline companies who installed large interstate pipelines for Columbia Gas, Consolidated Gas (Dominion), Virginia Gas and Electric, and others.

Mr. Tallman also served as the supervisor for the installation of a large consumer network for Mountaineer Gas.  During his tenure in this position he was responsible for proper and safe installation of disbursement lines, residential services, environmental compliance, and landowner relations.  This particular project was carried out on some of the toughest terrain in West Virginia.  The job was completed without incident, on time, and under budget.

Mr. Tallman left the pipeline industry and began a career in the logging industry where he assumed the position of Lead Forester for Keaton Logging Company.  He was responsible for buying, harvesting and marketing of timber as well as environmental compliance.  He later formed Canoe Run Logging, which he owned and operated for ten years.  During the time he owned and operated this firm, he bought and sold thousands of acres of timber and surface tracts.

A downturn in the logging industry forced Mr. Tallman to liquidate Canoe Run Logging.  He then began contract well operating and roustabout services for local and national oil and gas companies, including Cabot Oil and Gas, Cook Drilling, Rock Island Oil and Gas, and others.

In 2009 Mr. Tallman joined the staff of Patriot Energy, Inc.  He has been directly responsible for well tending, pipeline construction, and all phases of environmental compliance.  Due to Mr. Tillman’s efforts, Patriot has grown from a one man operation to an active player in the local oil and gas industry.

In addition his varied work experience, Mr. Tallman is also a very talented musician, and has played with national celebrities, on albums and live concerts, including Ralph Stanley, George Jones.  Mr. Tallman and Patriot CEO Gary Payne also are heavily involved in raising and marketing cattle.