Patriot Energy

Patriot Energy is a an oil exploration and production drilling company active in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Since the Payne family came over on tOil & Natural Gas Exploration & Productionhe Mayflower to discover new worlds and resources, so is the oil extraction of Patriot Energy. Patriot Energy utilizes a comprehensive drilling solution that includes technically advanced equipment and brilliant engineering that increase drilling efficiency.

Over the past 150 years, oil companies have drilled more than two million wells around the world in hopes of striking oil. Here at Patriot Energy Inc., we use sophisticated technologies and tried-and-true techniques to find oil and gas under the earth’s surface and rework old wells to find new ways to make them commercially viable. More recently, scientific techniques and new technologies have greatly improved the odds.

The fact is, some companies are better at finding opportunity than others. With multiple oil and gas discoveries, Patriot Energy has proven itself to be one of those companies. A profitable oil and gas producer and proven explorer with multi-million barrel prospects in West Virginia, our greatest opportunities still lie before us.